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My name is Sharon, l grew up with my mother , because  my father abandoned us when l was still young, so mom struggled to take care of me , she wasn’t doing a good financially ,she was doing different things to bring in money,anyway after senior six she couldn’t pay for my tuition,So she talked to one of her friends here in Kampala who wanted a maid ,and l had no option but to work as a maid or care taker and every month l was paid some money (60K),Time came and the woman in this home left her man l don’t know why she decided to leave her man and children behind.

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“Why are government cars always in hurry!! that sense of urgency is not reflected anywhere in  their official duties”  

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Eating fatty Meat

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Long distance relationship require two people who both willing to make things work, communication, a lot of faith and patience 

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Please hide my identity. I have been in a relationship with this guy it’s now a year, at first I never loved him but as time went on l learnt how to love him , when we started off the relationship he suggested we always meet in lodges something l didn’t like but l had nothing to do since he stays with the mom.

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Best Inspirational Quotes _ Depressed Person

Best Inspirational Quotes for a Depressed Person

“Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me, inactivity is the enemy.” — Matt Lucas

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As of Today  August 9 2017, below are  the Top ten most followed Ugandan Celebrities on Facebook.

  1. Kansiime Anne - Uganda Comdian Kansiime Anne ( Facebook page name Kansiime Anne / Entertainer)

Kansiime Anne is a Ugandan Comedienne, Actress, Singer, Writer/TV Host From Kabale.

Facebook Followers: 1,837,038 people 



Kansiime Anne facebook page

Julaina Kanyomozi second followed celebrity in Uganda 2. Julian Kanyomozi ( Facebook page name Juliana Kanyomozi 

Julian Kanyomozi is One of East Africa’s most gifted vocalists and most adored female artists.

Facebook Followers: 937,218


 Juliana Kanyomozi facebook followers
Eddy Kenzo facebook page uganda 3. Eddy Kenzo ( Facebook page name Eddy Kenzo )
Eddy Kenzo is Musuuza Edrisa aka Eddy Kenzo, is among the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artistes around East Africa and was born in Masaka (Uganda)
Facebook Followers: 750,667

Eddy Kenzo facebook followers

Rema namakula faceboo page followers uganda 4. Rema Namakula ( Facebook page name REMA

Rema Namakula She began her music career as a backup artist for a Ugandan musician Bebe Cool in Gagamel crew, however she separated from Bebe Cool in 2013 and that was the begininng of her solo music career.

Facebook Followers: 688,942

Rema namakula facebook page

Bobi Wine facebook followres - uganda 5. Bobi Wine ( Facebook page name Bobi Wine)

Bobi Wine’s real name is Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, Musician, activist and Member of Parliament Kyadondo East Uganda

Facebook Followers: 555,236 people

Bobi Wine facebook page


Bebe cool facebook followers - uganda 6. Bebe Cool  ( Facebook page name Bebe Cool)

Bebe Cool is One of the best African musicians with roots from Uganda.
his has been nominated and won a number of awards, both local and international.

Facebook Followers: 515,977


bebe cool facebook page


Jose Chameleone facebook followers Uganda 7. Jose Chameleone ( Facebook name Jose Chameleone)

Jose Chameleone is president of Ugandan music label Leone Island. Leone Island is one of the labels that groomed the best musicians, which include; Moses Radio, Weasel, LATE AK 47, King Saha, Papa Cidy and many more.

Facebook Followers: 463,518

 Jose Chameleone facebook page.

Irene Ntaleb facebook followers - uganda8. Irene Ntale ( Facebook name Irene ntale)

Irene Ntale is a singer, songwriter guitarist.has worked with artists Nneka,Jacoustix,among others.

she won Best Female Break through Artist , Hipipo Music Awards 2014 and Best Male REGGAE Song “Love Letter – Bebe Cool and Irene Ntale”, HiPipoMusicAwards 2014

Facebook Followers: 359,062

Irene Ntale facebook page


A PASS facebook followers - uganda9. A PASS ( Facebook name page A PASS)

A Pass is Famously known for his   Afro, Reggae and Dancehall music, young Singer, Songwriter & Producer 

Facebook Followers: 275,613



Maurice Kirya Music facebook followers 10. Maurice Kirya ( Facebook page name Maurice Kirya Music)

Radio France International (RFI) Discovery Award Winner for “Best New African Artist,” musician Maurice Kirya has created a very personal style that blends Afro-soul, hip hop, and R&B rhythms. 

Facebook Followers: 253,977

maurice kirya facebook page


Please let me be Anonymous and Here’s my story..! 
I got into a relationship with this sweet guy n we spent some good time together. Time went on and we decided to have our first child. We were in a long distance relationship but somehow the guy could make an effort and we meet for sometime before he goes back. He could always advise me to have ma antenatal visits to the doctor in time and i could respond positively. Now When i was 3 months pregnant, i went to visit him at his place here in Kampala he was happy n promised to introduce me to his parents since his other relatives knew me. Doreen, this is the guy who kept on talking to me well but never contributed a single coin during my pregnancy or any physical attire for the both of us me and our unborn child all he could do is talk and promise. this guy through out my pregnancy he slowly changed.

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My name is Lynn. I am a student of Mountains of the moon university currently in my 3rd year. I have been in a serious relationship for now one year. Kennedy my boyfriend is a very loving guy. He is caring and charming. It’s been going great between him and I, ever since we hooked up. He is calm and reserved I could never have suspected him of doing the kind of thing he did.
Kennedy agreed with his side chick to introduce her to me as his cousin and she also accepted. KENDRA as she was introduced to me knows all the relatives of Kennedy and they really treat her as one of their family. She is quite sociable with every body and somehow there is a slight resemblance with some of Kennedy’s relative.

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My name is Barbara, l have something confusing me in my relationship.
I have been with my boy friend for 1 year now, but he has never taken me where he stays,when we are to meet he comes at my place and his phone is always off until he leaves my place, the same happens at night his phone is always turned off,l tried to ask him why he does so, he told me that he doesn’t want people disturbing him at night that’s why he switches off the phone, l kept quiet.Now last weekend while we were out some friend of his met him and made a statement Like “how is Sheila and  the baby,  when are you wedding her?” l felt so disappointed, when l asked him later on he immediately changed the  topic.but from that day l feel like something is not right. please advice me, should l force me to take me to his place ? do you think he has a woman and l am like his secret side piece? should l quit n move on? or l stay because l love him and he kips telling me he loves me too. please help me here

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Juliana Kanyomozi and Rema Namakula Who Is Better Musically? 

Julina Kanyomozi Vs Rema Namakula Uganda Music


Juliana Kanyomozi: Born November 27, 1982  ( 34)

Music Back Ground: Her father was a Drummer and grandmother vocalist 

Education: Namasagali College 

22 Awards Won by Juliana Kanyomozi

  • 2004: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best R&B Artist
  • 2005: Pearl of Africa Music Awards  – Best R&B Artists 
  • 2005: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best Female Artist
  • 2005: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Song of the Year 
  • 2005: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best R&B Single  
  • 2007: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best R&B Artiste/Group
  • 2008:  Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Artist of the Year
  • 2008: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best R&B Artiste/Group  
  • 2008: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best Female Artist
  • 2010: Tanzania music awards – Best East African Song
  • 2011: Diva Music Awards Uganda – Afro beat Diva
  • 2012: East African Music Awards – Best Female Artist 
  • 2012: Kora Awards – Best Female Artist East Africa
  • 2012:  Super Talent Awards, Uganda – Most Gifted Artist
  • 2012:  BEFFTA Awards, UK – Best International Afrobeats Act
  • 2012:  HiPipo Charts – Best Afro Beat Act
  • 2012: HiPipo Charts – Best Video Act
  • 2012: HiPipo Charts – Specially Appreciated Hipipo Charts Female Artist
  • 2013: Warid Women of Substance – Entertainment Award
  • 2014: ASFA – Best Dressed Female Celebrity
  • 2014: Airtel Women of Substance Award
  • 2014: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Female Afro-Beat Song 

27 Nominations ( Didn’t Win) Juliana Kanyomozi

  • 2005: Kora Awards – Best East African Song
  • 2008: Kisima Music Awards – Ugandan Song of the Year
  • 2008: Kisima Music Awards  – Best Collaboration 
  • 2009: African Music Awards – Best Female Act
  • 2009: African Music Awards – Best East African Act
  • 2010: Diva Awards Uganda – Best RnB Artist 
  • 2010: Africa Music Awards – Pan African Artist 
  • 2010: Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Female Artist 
  • 2011: Diva Music Awards Uganda – Super Diva
  • 2011: Diva Music Awards Uganda – Exceptional Video
  • 2011: Diva Music Awards Uganda – Exceptional Song
  • 2011: Diva Music Awards Uganda – RnB Diva 
  • 2011: Kisima Awards – Best East African
  • 2011: Kisima Awards – Song Of The Year
  • 2011: Museke Online African Music Awards New York – Best Female Artist
  • 2011: Museke Online African Music Awards New York – Best Soul/RnB Artist
  • 2011: Museke Online African Music Awards New York – Best East African Act
  • 2011: Nigeria Entertainment Awards – Pan African Artists 
  • 2012: East African Music Awards – Best East African Collaboration
  • 2012: Kisima Awards – Best East African Collaboration 
  • 2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Female Artist
  • 2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Artist on Social Media
  • 2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Zouk Song
  • 2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best RnB Song
  • 2014: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Artist on Social Media
  • 2014: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Female Artist
  • 2014: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Female Afromix Song

Rema Namakula: Born24 April 1991 (age 26)

Music Back Ground: Halima Namakula was Rema Nakula’s mentor, after her Senior six she was selected to join Bebe Cool’s Gagamel crew as a backup singer. ( separated from Bebe Cool in 2013)

6 Awards Won by Rema Namakula

2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best HiPipo Charts Artist

2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best R&B Song Oli wange

2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Breakthrough Artist

2013: HiPipo Music Awards – Best Female Artist

2014: HiPipo Music Awards – Best female artist of the year

2014: HiPipo Music Awards – Best female RnB song 

Social media Fan Ban Base

Juliana Kanyomozi Facebook Followers: 932,757

juliana kanyomozi facebook Followers


Rema Namakula Facebook Followers: 683,199

Rema Namakula Facebook Followers

Juliana Kanyomozi Youtube Channel: Subscribe – 4,350

Juliana kanyomozi Youtube Channel

 Rema Namakula  Youtube Channel: Subscribe – 13,396

 Rema Namakula  Youtube Channel: Subscribe

Juliana Kanyomozi Twitter followers: 29.5k

Juliana Kanyomozi twitter followers


Rema Namakula Twitter Followers Not Active!!! 


Musically Juliana Kanyomozi is a legend in Uganda, however, Rema Nakula is still young and a big talent but still has a long way to Go. 

Add your Suggestions in the comments below 


Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool Who Is better?

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool Who Is better?

Bobi Wine – Born 12 February 1982 (age 35)    

6 Awards Won by Bobi Wine                          

  1.  2005 Pam Awards -Song of the Year                                           
  2. 2006 Pam  Awards- Artiste of the Year                                       
  3. 2006 Pam Awards- Best Afro Beat Single                            
  4. 2007 Pam Awards-Group Best Afro-Beat Single                  
  5. 2008 Pam Awards- Best Afro-Beat Artist                     
  6. 2013 HiPipo Music Awards – Best Afrobeat Song                   

4 Nominations – (Didn’t Win) Bobi Wine       

  1.  2006 Tanzania Music Awards- Best East African Album       
  2.  2007 Kisima Music Awards – Best Song Uganda                    
  3. 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards – Best Video                      
  4. 2013 HiPipo Music Awards – Best Dancehall/Ragga Song   

 Bebe Cool – Born 1 September 1977 (age 39)

28  Awards Won by Bebe Cool 

  1. 2004 Pam Awards- Best Reggae Artiste/Group
  2. 2005 Pam Awards- Best Reggae Artiste/Group
  3. 2006 Pam Awards- Best Reggae Artiste/Group
  4. 2007 Pam Awards- Best Reggae Artiste/Group
  5. 2007 Pam Awards- Best Male Artiste
  6. 2007 Channel O Music Video Awards -Video of the year
  7.  2008 Pam Awards-Best Male Artist 
  8. 2008 Pam Awards- Best Reggae Artiste/Group
  9. 2008 Pam Awards- Best Ragga
  10. 2010 Pam Awards-Artist of the Year 
  11. 2010 Pam Awards-Artist of the Year 
  12. 2010 Pam Awards- Best Reggae Artiste
  13. 2010 Pam Awards-Group and Album of the year
  14. 2011 Pam Awards- Best Male Artist
  15. 2013 HiPipo Music Awards-Best Reggae Song
  16.  2013 HiPipo Music Awards- Artist of the Year   
  17. 2014 HiPipo Music Awards- Best Male REGGAE Song
  18. 2014 HiPipo Music Awards-Best Male RAGGA-DANCEHALL 
  19. 2014 HiPipo Music Awards-Best on Stage Performer
  20. 2014 HiPipo Music Awards-Best Male Artist
  21. 2014 HiPipo Music Awards-Best Artist on Social media
  22. 2014 HiPipo Music Awards-Artist of the Year
  23. 2015 HiPipo Music Awards-Best Male REGGAE Song 
  24. 2015 HiPipo Music Awards-Video of the Year 
  25. 2015 HiPipo Music Awards-Best Concert Performance
  26. 2015 HiPipo Music Awards-Most Active Fans Group 
  27. 2015 HiPipo Music Awards-Best Male Artist 
  28. 2015 HiPipo Music Awards-Artist of the Year


6 Nominations – (Didn’t Win) Bebe Cool             

  1. 2003 Kora Awards – Best East African Artist                             
  2. 2007 Mobo Awards                                                                   
  3. 2011 Tanzania Music Awards – Best East African Song              
  4. 2013 HiPipo Music Awards                                                       
  5. 2014 Nominated in Afrimma Awards                                       
  6. 2015 Australia Radio Afro Song of the Year                              

Social media Fan Ban Base

Bobi Wine Facebook Page: 574, 202 Followers 

Bobi wine socail medial Followers                     



Bebe Cool Facebook Page: 514.382 Followers 

Bebe cool followers ob facebook

Bobi Wine Youtube Channel – Subscribed: 8,513

Bobi wine youtube channel


Bebe Cool Youtube Channel – Subscribed: 20,907


Bebe cool Youtube channel channel


Bobi Wine on Twitter – 31k Followers 

Bobi wine twiiter followers

Bebe Cool on Twitter – 43.9k Followers 


Bebe Cool Twitter Followers


Based on the above comparisons Bebe Cool is A BETTER Musician than Bobi Wine!

You Can Vote in the comments below 

My name is Edmond. I met Stella in 2012 and fell in love with her. We dated for a while and the more we learned about each other the closer we became. We loved each other so much that we had to formalize our relationship within less than 15 months. By 2014 we were married, wedded in church and our first baby is now three years.
Stella is even more educated than I. She has a masters degree in community psychology whereas I have a bachelor in business administration.
Recently she got so deep into the church and to be honest I am not so into born again churches. But Stella started going to church twice a week and the Bible is the only book she reads lately.

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I need help urgently. My name is Joan,30 years and my boyfriend is also 30 years and we are getting married this August (next month) however yesterday his workmate friend called me crying that she has just discovered that her boyfriend is getting married to me. She cried and told me to leave the man for her. I called my boyfriend and he told me that the girl has been throwing herself on him. my boyfriend told me sometime back that they are just friends when I asked about their suspicious relationship. they have been hanging out, working late together. 

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My name is Gloria, l need help before l lose my boy friend. Am in a relationship with such a loving man, he adores me, but recently I found myself being too quarrel some and too rude to stupid reasons. Like he keeps asking me what l am doing? or where l am? or over calling me which find it irritating, so whenever he calls me and l pick and he asks me where are u l end up quarreling or abusing him coz l feel like l am a grown up Lady l don’t need to be asked all those l am short tempered.

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My name is Harriet, I have somethings bothering me. l have a boyfriend, we have dated for 1 year, but ever since he found out that l earn more money than him he started acting funny, he stopped giving me his money, for example, it’s been 4 months now and whenever l am heading to his place he sends me a list of things l should be buying, like food, sugar etc, he stopped giving me his money and he stopped taking me out completely.

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My name is Linda. My boyfriend is called Carl max. We have been together for one year and 5 months. I have always trusted him and to be honest I have never suspected him of cheating. Well as all of us have a right to privacy he has always been protective of his phone. But for the last 4 days, he has been leaving it anywhere in the house and he removed the screen locking pattern. Yesterday he left me in bed and went to shower and left the phone just in my full view. 

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My name is Samuel, I have a girlfriend called Dorah, we’ve been in a relationship for three months now she has been so good to me. at Times we could get misunderstandings and then we get back not until One day she told me that she wants to start working I was easy with it but ever since she started working her behaviors started changing, I started noticing it. So one day l decided to go and check up on her at her work place but guess what she pretended like she doesn’t know me at all, she wasn’t happy to see me, in fact, she kept on conversing and laughing loud with her workmates,l kept quiet walked away, another time I went back to her work place to check on her because l wanted to find out if she is fine.

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Can a long distance relationship Make A Married man Cheat

Posted by | July 17, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Mariam, Am really confused,l am married, I have been with this guy for two years now, but my husband has been cheating ever since we met, we have one child together. l work from up country so l come back to check on my husband plus our baby (he stays with his grandma here in Kampala) ,but whenever l come back l stay around for like a week or more n l head back but l have always heard rumors about my husband cheating on me tho l have been giving them a deaf ear.

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Comments Off on Is He in Love with Me

Is He in Love with Me

Posted by | July 14, 2017 | Relationship advice

Please let me remain anonymous. well, I met a guy, we have been together for 8months now.but there is something that bothers me about him. Now at the start of our relationship, everything was okay as in he would call me every day, he would care about me, we would meet more often, he basically had time for me. But somehow my guy found out that l come from a rich family and he started changing funny towards me.

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Comments Off on My wife Is boring so I turned to Friends and Bars

My wife Is boring so I turned to Friends and Bars

Posted by | July 14, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Robert I am married have been married for the last two years and Jane who I did a civil wedding with however I find her so rude.Jane easily gets offended but I always took it easy since she had never been rude to me, however, all my friend’s relatives and neighbors always complained about her but because I loved her so I decided to do a civil wedding.

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Comments Off on Should I break up my Engagement because of a rumour

Should I break up my Engagement because of a rumour

Posted by | July 14, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Carol, am confused and l badly need your advice, l have been with my fiancee for 2years, he is a nice guy, very charming, Loving, caring Like he doesn’t only care for me but also for my family members,  In case there’s a problem at home he is always there to support me in all kinds of ways. he also visited my home in March this year and the introduction plus the wedding are taking place next month in August; basically, the dates are all set and everyone at home is excited about it including myself coz l love this man so much.But l have something that has been bothering me for the past 1 week.

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Is This a Good Relationship

Posted by | July 14, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Barbra, l am very confused ,l have a boyfriend l love him so much , but he acts very funny these days, first of all l am a Christian and this guy is not he boozes a lot ,when we started dating l told him that l am not an outing person and he agreed for some reason l don’t love going out l prefer staying home, so one day l went for an over night but l left at around midnight he called and wanted me to join him but l refused because l felt it wasn’t right from that day he started acting funny he stopped calling me like he used to, he started quarreling over small things, time came and he stopped me from going to his place saying that his big sister is at home she doesn’t like visitors etc.

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My Dad Wants to Marry My Girlfriend

Posted by | July 12, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Collin. I am 26 years old. I am so deep in love with Brenda my high school sweetheart. We have been inseparable since senior three and I really want to marry her but recently I got a shocking revelation from my mother. My dad has two wives and he is 57 years old.

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karma is Real: Is This happening because of what i did to my ex Boyfriend

Posted by | July 12, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Beatrice, l need advice but please don’t judge me. l have been in a secret relationship with a guy for almost 2 years now; he happens to be my neighbor, he is married with 2 children, l didn’t think l will fall in Love with him but l did because of the way he treats me, cares for me, communicates, and provides for me like sends me money through mobile money for shopping at least every week, plus pays half of my rent.

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Should I get back with my ex

Posted by | July 12, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Rachael.l met a guy in 2010 and we dated for just 3 months; he kept telling me that he wants to see my parents but I kept dodging him not because I didn’t love him but I felt it was too early. Not after long I took him home and he was accepted. In 2013 that was when I moved in his house. He was a loving, caring and responsible man. And also supporting me in my education. Before the end of 2013, he started showing me negative attitude.because l failed to get pregnant, honestly I tried to conceive but I failed. He even took me for a fertility check and results came back positive.

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Comments Off on My Boyfriend Only gives Me Money after we have Sex

My Boyfriend Only gives Me Money after we have Sex

Posted by | July 11, 2017 | Relationship advice

My name is Ritah, l have a boyfriend we have been dating for 3 years now ,but there is something bothering me whenever l ask him for money he tells me to first give him Sex ,and truth is after giving him sex he definitely gives me the money l want, at first l wasn’t bothered but ever since the year started l noticed he was over doing it so l recently asked him why he does that to me and he told me in my face that he can’t give me his Money for free so that’s the way l get to pay him back,truth is l love him but l don’t know what he thinks of me.

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