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Do Women Change after Marriage

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My name is Kenny I have been dating my girlfriend Charity for the last 3 years.I feel in love with Charity the very first day I saw her at my sister’s shop.Charity had been hired by my sister and she made the life for my sister very easy since she was very faithful.

I dated Charity and she has always been on her best behavior so a month ago I told my sister about my intentions of proposing to Charity then my sister advised me to go and carry out investigations about Charity’s background.Saying she had some very disturbing stories about her mother and an apple doesn’t usually fall far away from the tree.

I traveled to Charity’s village and the neighbors didn’t have any kind words for Charity’s mother they said she was rude and selfish they also said she mistreated her late husband Charity’s dad claiming she tortured him until he died because he was lonely and depressed.
I got back and when I told my sister she told me to stay away from Charity and since then I have been distant from Charity who has kept asking me what’s up.

The truth is I have never been treated badly by Charity but my sister keeps telling me that girls put out their true colors after marriage.
Can someone hide their true character for 3 years?

Is it true that people usually behave the same way like the ones that brought them up?
I still love Charity although my sister has scared me, is there reason for me to get scared or should I just ignore my sister and go on with plans to marry Charity

Advice: Do Women Change after Marriage

Sometimes neighbors are jealous and some will give you false information mostly if they get to know that you want.t to marry her. We are living in a world full of jealousy. But if it’s true, sometimes you can be brought up by someone and behave differently.
So sit down, ask Charity about it, if you see that she was on her mother’s side then leave her. –Melanie Atwebembeire

I think there are two sides to this. We are all shaped either negatively or positively if we learn from things we c or face. U can’t blame her for her mother’s behavior. What does she think about that experience? What did she learn from it? How does she treat her relatives and friends? What do her longtime friends have to say about her? What do the villagers say about her behavior growing up? These are some of the questions u should be able to answer after 3 yrs of dating. – Nganda Marvin

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Do Women Change after Marriage



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