Should I Consider Forced Marriage because the Man is Rich

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My name is Mercy I have one son who I got while in school, I started working at the start of this year but before I got a job, life was really tough since the father of my son is not so supportive. However things have started becoming simpler for me but I am now stressed, really stressed and sad because my parents want me to get married to a man that I don’t want.

I am single at the moment since I think it will be better for me to first focus on my financial stability, but my parents think otherwise they are trying to set me up with an old man that I don’t love.

I told my parents that I don’t love the man they want me to get married to but they said they need me to weigh my options well claiming that this man was very rich so I will inherit his wealth and never suffer financially.They also say that it will be very hard for me to get a young man to marry me since I have a child.

The truth is I don’t want to get married to this man I don’t think I can be in a position to enjoy my life with him even if he has the money.
What do I tell my parents so that they leave me in peace?
Would it be right for me to get married to this old man for his money?


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