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I Found out That She Is cheating on me with 2 Boyfriends but i still Love Her

Posted by | June 22, 2017 | Relationships

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My Name Am James Aged 20 Years. Am In A Relationship With a 22-Year-old Girl But 4 Me I Don’t Care about the Age.

I Love Her Very Much. But What Puzzles Me, Last Month I Found out That She Has Two Boyfriends And I Asked her whether it was true She said that yes it is true, So l went ahead and l asked her that Wat About Me” And She Replied To Me That One Boyfriend Is 4 Caring about her plus giving her money And Another one Is there on standby just in case l chuck her. 

The problem is l am in love Am Ready To Do Anything Even I Vowed To Marry Her But Her Things Are Puzzling Me. I Asked Her That “should I Leave U And U Go With Ur Boyfriends?” And She Replied That “u Do What U Want”. And went ahead and told me that if l can give her everything she wants then she will go ahead and leave the other 2 guys she’s seeing, what bothers me l try to give her what she asks for like money for hair, clothes etc but she says it’s not enough. 

l have never asked for sex for the one year we have dated coz she told me she’s a virgin too and l don’t want too so l decided to take my time, but l don’t know if its true she’s a virgin. Now Am Confused And Puzzled. Please Am Requesting 4 Advice, What should l do? how can l compete with the other two guys? any tips? am l wasting time? does this girl even love me? is she really a virgin like she told me? am l supposed to provide everything for my girlfriend like is it a must? please advice

Advice: I Found out That She Is cheating on me with 2 Boyfriends but I still Love Her

Problem statement: Yo 20 she is 22. Dude that sucks, you don’t mean anything to her that’s why she has no problem telling u to quit if u want to. Get someone you can manage preferably younger than you since you still a virgin I bet It’s this is the first time to be in a relationship. You just afraid to try out other people that’s how the first love feels like you think that’s the best for u bt brother get out this relationship n Don’t rush u will find yo perfect match otherwise all the best  – Afema Deogracious Akua

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