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Funny African Wedding Pictures Just For Laughs

Posted by | June 13, 2017 | Relationship advice

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People invest a lot of money and time to plan for a wedding however these pictures make you think if these weddings were planned for.

A collection of the Funniest African Wedding Pictures

African style What A pose?

African wedding picture

The groom and the bride| husband sits on top of his wife for a wedding picture 

funny african wedding images

Wedding day! When the groom is too tired and need some fresh air.

Perfect moment for a wedding photo 

super funny african wedding pictutre

The journey starts now my dear wife. The world is too toxic!

-Can i have some fresh air please.

-What a wedding Shot 

African wedding

I will always protect you and i can prove it.

Cameraman Wedding pictures Please!

weeding photo african

Who told you i can’t get married without a MERCEDES BENZ?

African weddings Rock!

African wedding transport

Are you ready to hit that thing?

husbandwife wedding pictures

-When you marrying a bouncer

super funny wedding pics

Mind where you looking at! 

# African family Wedding photo

bigboobs african wedding picture




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