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Joe Rogan Motivational quotes to Success And Hard work

Posted by | December 12, 2016 | Quotes by successful People worldwide

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“Be the hero of your own movie”

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Quotes by Joe Rogan“Be the hero of your own movie. If your life was a movie and it started now. Forget about whatever financial disasters you’ve had, personal failures, relationship failures. What would the hero of your life’s movie do right now? Do that, do those things. We define ourselves far too often by our past failures. We look at our past and we say, “Well that’s me”. That’s not you, you are this person right now. You’re this person right now, you’re the person who’s learned from those failures and you can choose to be the hero of your own movie right now. Write down your goals, write down things you want to improve, write down things you won’t tolerate from yourself, write down things that you’ve done in the past that you never want to see yourself do again. And go forth, from here, as the hero of your own movie. Build momentum. Build confidence and momentum with each good decision that you make from here on out. You can do it, anyone can do it. We live in unique times. We live in one of the rarest times in human history where you can choose almost all the input that comes your way, whether it’s the movie that you watch, the books you read, the podcasts you listen to. You can choose to be inspired. Do that. Do that and be the hero of your own movie.”

“Write down things you’ve done in the past that you never want to see yourself do again “

”Every single person who has ever done anything worthwhile or exceptional or difficult or extraordinary, anyone whether its great artists or authors or mathematicians or whatever the f**k it is. Everyone encounters difficulties, there is no easy road, it does not exist, it is impossible, everyone has issues. If you have time to pursue a hobby, if you have time to do anything in your life. You can better yourself and here is one way you never better yourself when you come up with excuses for why other peoples are successful and you not.” Quotes by Joe Rogan

“One of the worst decision a man can make. I can only speak for men, obviously, is to be comfortable, I don’t think you should try to be comfortable. I think what you should try to earn comfort and if you can get a day off where you have worked hard and you have accomplished goals that day off will be so sweet. When I work hard, and I sit in front of the TV I enjoy the sh*t out of it.” Quotes by Joe Rogan

“Often Time people make a mistake of getting stuck, and it’s just a tactical mistake, just like it would be a mistake if you get stuck on a video game, just like it would be a mistake if you followed a map incorrectly and you get stuck in the woods. Your life is certainly some sort of a journey, it’s certainly some sort of a journey and we all have to be aware that when we are making journeys. We aren’t always going to make the right steps and sometimes you have to back up and try again. And if you in a position where you can’t back up and try again, you have trapped yourself.”

 Joe Rogan



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