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If nobody hates you, you are doing something boring. I have never seen a successful person without haters.

“Remove sex from a relationship and you will discover that over 90% of ladies have nothing to offer in relationships.”

“Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that over 90% of ladies won’t see a reason to be in that relationship.”


“Ladies Are Becoming More Dangerous Than Terrorists. Makeup Should Be Illegal.”


“Few years ago he wasn’t your type. Now that he is working you see him as your type. My sister beware God will disown you.”

“When you see a poor man eating chicken, he is either sick or the chicken was sick.”

“The Way Some Ladies Are Covering Their Ugliness In Make Up, Don’t Be Surprised If You Marry A MAN.”

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 “We all have that one guy from the village who owns a car, and when he steps out of that car you may think that he has just discovered the cure for cancer.”

“Witchcraft Is When You Always Put Her On Your WhatsApp Profile Pic…While Other Boys Are Putting Her On Their Beds.”

“If you go Live on Facebook and no one likes or comments, let it go and look for Jesus.”

“My Child. Money DOES NOT bring you happiness. It only brings you the freedom of not worrying about money.”

“If you decide to marry the person you meet here on Facebook.
Just know that everyone is your in-law!”

“Facebook Was Amazingly Nice Until Some Of You Slept With Each Other Now It’s Anger Posts Left…Right…Centre.”

“My worst fear is not death, But it’s lying there in the Mortuary dead with everyone seeing me Naked.”


“Why buy a lipstick worth $40 for lips that can’t even pronounce Ecclesiastes?”

“A man who raises his hand to beat a woman never raised it in class.”

“Can u imagine “Google” turned 18 today…. only God knows what you people have been asking that young teenager.”

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“If a man cheats on you leave him the first time. Leave while you’re still young.”


“Few years ago he wasn’t your type. Now that he is working you see him as your type. MY sister beware God will disown you.”


“I know On judgment day Some SlayQueens will be asking Angels where they can charge their phones while they wait for Judgment.”


“Nowadays people say I love you just like they are saying hello.”


“Before you marry someone, first sleep with them just to make sure they don’t snore. You don’t want to spend the remaining evenings of your life feeling like you are in a lorry.”


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Have you noticed when a rich guy post something on fb. They all rush to comment,
“its true boss” or “you are right boss” even if it dont make sense.& for those that are not rich you have to be extra funny or making alot of sense just to get people’s reactions. its not easy to be poor.”


“Lazy men call the rich men ritualists, While unlucky ladies call the lucky ones prostitutes. Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.”


“When you are chilling with your wife/girlfriend and she says ‘lemme tell you a story but don’t tell anyone ” just know that fire gossip is coming your way….grab a popcorn my brother.”

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“The other day my son asked me “Dad if a man shaves his ass, is that man gay?”
And i told him “Son, a man who cleans his house clearly expects a visit.”

“Back in the day girls used to love a guy who smells good, But girls of nowadays just love the smell of petrol ,if you don’t have a car my brother forget it.”

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