10 Complicated Facts About Women ! True or False?

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Heaven Maya asked 3 months ago
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10 Complicated Facts About Women!

1.  They Believe in saving but buy expensive clothes.

Complicated Facts About Women


2.  Expect men to compliment, but don’t believe them if complimented

3. They are always shopping but never have anything to wear.

4. They Say It’s Okay even when it’s not

Complicated Women Facts 

Complicated WOMEN FACTS

5. Always dressed beautifully, but never satisfied.

6. They say one thing but mean another.

7. They want to eat without getting fat. 

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8. Never satisfied, but still, expect men to compliment them.

9. They say It’s Fine! Be scared and Find the Solution SAP.

10. Women assume there is something wrong with them. (Moving with Small mirrors in their bags)

10 Complicated Facts About Women







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