On what means can a company file an absconding case against employee in UAE?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionOn what means can a company file an absconding case against employee in UAE?
Claire Olivar asked 6 months ago
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I have one friend who took 45 days leave from her company last August 2016… after finished the 45 days she sent email for extension leave from the company. But the company refuse to grant her request. So she decided to file a
Resignation letter.. the company acknowledge her resignation and told her to cancelled her visa. But until now they don’t cancelled her visa.. and every month she sent an email to follow up. I hope for your response
Does she have ban?
What is the best thing to do?
Does she can personally file a cancellation ?
Is there a possibility the company can file her absconding?

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Kevin answered 6 months ago

Visa cancellation can be done by the company only not the employee, visa can be canceled only after 6 months from the day of exit. The company would take their own time to process so that she wouldn’t get another visa.

Jorams Tweyambe answered 6 months ago

Company cannot cancel a visa of an employee on vacation.

Claire Olivar answered 6 months ago

But she filed a resignation already and the company acknowledge it

Kevin answered 6 months ago

Visa can be cancelled if the employee doesn’t wish to continue.. bt can’t be cancelled immediately, the company has to wait 6 months

Cantor Perez answered 6 months ago

It will be automatically cancelled by the company if the person will not entry the country within 6 mos. The ban depends on her contract or if there is any other case from her employer.If she wish to cancel her visa asap,she needs to comeback.i think her passport is needed to cancel her current visa if she dont want to wait 6 mos.

Its just base of someone’s experience.
My collegue resigned from Phil.but the company wait til 6 mos.before they will cancel it.Im not so sure with othet company either.

Amit answered 1 month ago

Dear Sir,
Good day!
Please advice regarding the below situation.
I have been unemployed for almost a year but mu company didn’t cancelled my visa as they wanted me to find a job.Visa is Valid till March 2018.
Just 5 months back i was offered a new job but my new transfer visa was not stamped as bank had filed a case.But now my case is cleared and i have received clearance letter.
But before we could apply for my visa in new company we checked the system and it shows that my old company have flied me as an absconding.
 I am still here in Dubai and have been communicating and updating my old company and informing them regarding my current situation.
They are aware that i have found a new job but my new visa process is taking time due to bank case which now solved but now again my new company cannot apply for the new visa
I will appreciate your kind advice and assistance regarding the same.
Thank you

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