Ashburg Katto Comes out to Challenge Ivan Semwanga’s death!

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Musana Farouz asked 3 months ago
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Ashburg Katto was one of the first Ugandan bloggers who came out defending Ivan’s death, even posted  Ivan’s body pictures however just a few hours later he has joined the doubters that Ivan Semwanga is not dead.

Ivan Semwanga body pictures

In his last social media post, he had this to say.
Ivan is not dead….. These are not photoshopped pics, these are just staged pictures. At first I thought someone played with the computer but it was just a simple setting.
This is how it went down… Everything was planned and masterminded by King Lawrence. Guess no one saw King Lawrence anywhere in this whole Ivan death?
The only thing that could save Ivan’s ass was to fake his death and when people kept on asking for any pic of the deceased’s body, King Lawrence told Ivan to sleep in a coffin pretending as if he’s dead and then King takes pics so that they can prove that Ivan is dead…. Now check this pic and see the circled area, that face is of King Lawrence (the pic reflected on Ivan’s new suit and these fools never realized it.

If Ivan had really died, his body would have been extra swollen and the lips wouldn’t be pink. (Basing on the first pic which leaked wen Ivan was still in the hospital).
‘Rest In Bed Ivan Semwanga’, nze nga Ashburg kino nkibuseemu. The person in this coffin is a breathing Ivan, u can even see him breathing if u over look at the pic. Gu Lawulensiyo nnyini gukuba bifananyi

Ivan Semwanga still alive