I bought a partner visa from some Indian guys for my sister

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Francis Villa asked 6 months ago
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I bought a residence visa from some Indian guys for my sister (partner visa) we went in court last year and she signed a court paper. We gave the guys all the money they requested us 17000AED for 3 years visa, 680AED for typing, 800AED for visa stamping and 1200AED for insurance. We did Medicals on our own. Time came and my sister entered into over stay for 2 months as we were waiting for the visa because she was inside here in UAE. Later they gave us entry employment visa, we paid for over stay and she exited to Oman and she came back to UAE, now the two months entry employment ended on 16/02/2017 till now no visa again the lady she has entered over stay the guys they took the passport for visa stamping till now, am calling them they don’t answer my calls.
QN: what should we do to them?

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Kevin answered 6 months ago

Firstly you have broken the law by getting visa illegally. If you are claiming that the visa is a partner visa then you could have a trade license, incase not take copies of your and your sister passport to Dubai Economic department, who could provide you with the license registered details and the local sponsor of the company. The local would surely know the guy and he can help you.

Option 2, approach police station and tell the truth, hopefully you don’t get up in trouble.

Majid Akhtar Qureshi answered 6 months ago

Go and complain to police but what I can tell you, it’s illegal to buy a residence visa, if you don’t have real employment or trade license.
You should have tried free zone visa directly from any UAE state, for example, it’s quite cheap in Ajman. invest a little but better if things are legit with the government.
Good Luck.

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