I was called back to do medical test again in Dubai? Why

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionI was called back to do medical test again in Dubai? Why
Riyadh N DA Mesut asked 4 months ago
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My friend came here in Dubai, after 3 weeks he went for medical and back to duty after another 10 days he was called again for medical, then after 26 days again taken back to medical. finally in august the company asked him to cancel visa with no medical report that it was not yet out & deported after 2 weeks. Qstn: could he have cancelled his visa? can he face a ban in case he comes with another company?

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Kumar answered 4 months ago

If you already deported on medical background then can’ t come back.

Riyadh N DA Mesut answered 4 months ago

Through his agency the company is telling them that the medical report is not yet out from June when he did his first medical up to now, how long does UAE government take to release medical report? already given a medical card. if any number of immigration to call help him with it, 

Ashen Mayanj answered 4 months ago

I think he failed the medical but not with HIV Coz if it’s HIV or AIDS, they don’t let u leave the medical hospital, it must be another disease

Sofia answered 3 months ago

You can simply call the medical center and ask

Imran answered 2 weeks ago

Dubai medical is bogus and unjustise one month ago I reach in dubai I undergo the medical test they told me I have scare in my lungs they teke my spectrum test and blood test again for 3days after they cancell my visa I come back India and visit mbbs docter and surgeon they told there is nothing in my xray I am normall I was Arkansas company my ID no 318675

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