Can an employer reject me from Joining a new after i finish the contract in Dubai

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsCan an employer reject me from Joining a new after i finish the contract in Dubai
Suganob Pingot asked 6 months ago
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Good day!. I just want to ask and clarify something. I was released by my first employer here and through an agency, I have found again an employer which happens to be my present employer now. I don’t want to renew my contract with them but my employer said that if I won’t renew, they would send me back to the Philippines. My question is, do they have the right or can they they send me back to the Philippines even if i don’t want to and even if they just got me here in Dubai? And they said also if i would insist on getting me released from them, I should be paying 10k drhms. Is it correct? Do i need to pay them even if our contract has ended?

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Gopa answered 6 months ago

If the contract is finished nobody can stop you to move somewhere also no need to pay anything.

Ally Pierce answered 6 months ago

My contract is finished and i found another employer. But still my previous employer did not cancel me. Now I’m overstay and recently I found out I have absconding.. why?? I’m not run away how many times I went to immigration to ask my cancellation and I have offer letter for my new employer but previous employer didn’t cancel me. For what reason I don’t know.. that’s my problem coz I can’t apply visa unless I’m not cancelled.

Kevin answered 6 months ago

Some companies do force employees to avoid overstay. If they insist you can mutually agree with them to stay until the expiry of grace period after cancellation and look for a job, incase you find a job, ensure the visa is done within the grace period or else you can exit to Oman and come back on visit visa. If the employer still insist, ask them for a ticket to Oman which is much cheaper then Philippines.

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