Can I Cancel Employment Visa Before Stamping in my passport?

Top QuestionsCategory: UAE Residence VisaCan I Cancel Employment Visa Before Stamping in my passport?
Fidhil Ahammed asked 3 months ago
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I have recently joined in a company in Dubai , came on their employment visa but they are not stamped it on my passport, now i told them to not to stamp instead cancel the visa as the job profile they have offered me was different then they are asking me the visa expense and they will put one year labour ban . i have not signed the offer letter from the ministry which they have set as limited when i contacted the ministry , when i said this in the ministry they have said me that without your how they have got the visa ? and they themself also checked and confirmed that i haven’t signed . they are telling me to make a complaint against the company .
Please advise what can be done and if in case i make a complaint there will be any kind of expense or costs for the complaint procedure and how long it will take to get it resolved ?

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G Kumar answered 3 months ago

Your question and also the answer is above .You have to continue the complaint with Tasheel .Only typing center expenses.

Jharhonz Oredroc answered 3 months ago

I want to know regarding  my final settlement because my company don’t want to give my ticket way back to my country which I finished my contract with them, they deducted my visa expenses also even I spend already my 2years and 8months from them,??do they have the right to do that for me?

Nimfa Nunez answered 3 months ago

I think it’s only 50 dhs for the typing expenses

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