Can employer put absconding case against a person who has not disappeared?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionCan employer put absconding case against a person who has not disappeared?
Zabz Zabir asked 3 weeks ago
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I have been working in a company in Abu Dhabi for 5 yrs under unlimited contract..And now I passed resignation last month. And I am serving the notice period now. And I have a job offer from another company. Now I will come to the issue.
My employer threatening that he will put 1-year ban on me upon cancellation. They have some people in concerned departments to do such things under the table by using wastha . What should I do in this case.???
I am just afraid coz there was an issue last month that one guy passed resignation and worked 30 days notice period and after that stopped working. After 3 days he stopped working, they asked him to meet in the office and handed over to police accusing that he is absconding. Then he was jailed one month and deported with life time ban. Even though he went through the normal procedure but still they made issues under the table may b by bribing officials since they are also Emirates. In such issues whats the legal assistance or legal right of an expat?

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Obadina Adekunle Adeyemi answered 3 weeks ago

Can this be true?on which issue company can put abscond without the knowledge of the person concern

Aliu Babs Rhennykg answered 3 weeks ago

This could be true. The best way to avoid such is to be sure you have availed yourself with all the prescribed steps of resigning as an expat under UAE labour laws. In that case, if infringement upon your right as an employee occurs, it will be very easy for a legal practitioner to help

Aliu Babs Rhennykg answered 3 weeks ago

I want to suggest, ‘before passing your resignation letter, check with MOL the normal duration of your resignation notice in case you don’t have a copy of your contract and act in line with that’.

I want to believe that being on unlimited contract does not mean you can just give a resignation notice of 30 days without knowing the content of your contract. 

Let me sight an example, I called MOL to confirmed my resignation period on unlimited contract before doing so. It was reiterated by MOL as stated in my offer letter that “I have to give 3 months notice before the actual date of resignation in written form. Further more, if I decide to reduce the duration of the notice, I will be liable to pay some compensation in lieu of the remaining period. To make it worse, it was resounded that even after paying the compensation, the company can still go ahead and place a barn on me if they so desire”.

In order word, the best way to avoid being barn is to past a resignation notice as it is written in the contract and make sure you still fulfil all your contractual obligations to your employer through out your resignation notice.

Lastly, experience shows that some organisation could be so mean to deny receiving your resignation notice at the end of it all, and so, as you are handing the hard copy of resignation letter to whosoever may be, HR or the Arbab, send electronic copy to the company official email address and state on your hard copy that the carbon copy (Cc) sent to: state the email address. With that you have successfully prevent unforseen cases that may end up disrupting your plans of moving on to join another organization.

Disclaimer: this is my own personal opinion and it should not be taken as a legal advice or its substitute. Kindly refer to MOL for clarifications.

Sk Khalilullah answered 3 weeks ago

now everything is possible in UAE only employees go through hammer and employers have upper hand in all departments.

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