Can I get a fine for drinking tea while driving in Dubai?

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Nayeen Moh'd asked 3 months ago
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Can I get a fine for drinking tea while driving in Dubai?
I work for A Rent A car in Dubai as a sales executive with one the leading company at Dubai international Airport.
Today as I opened a car rental contract for an Amerian Client who booked his car online he asked me ” Will I get a  fine for drinking tea while driving in Dubai?”.
I didn’t give a clear answer because it was my first time to hear about this? 
Is it True or just rumors? 

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Sabu George answered 3 months ago

It’s not True, Just Rumors, there is no No fine for drinking tea while driving i Dubai.
I just came across this article from
“Police deny reports that Dh800 fines are to be issued to those caught drinking chai karak while behind the wheel.” Read More on “Gulf News”

Shameer answered 3 months ago

According to me to take a cup of tea you need only 5 to 10 minutes .Suggested to take the tea then drive.Otherwise in case of breaking the vehicle it can burn you or it can spoil your dress and car seat and this panic can actually lead to a major accident.
For insentience. one day i was driving on Sheik seyid  while smoking  at a speed of  120 km/h, after i was done i opened my window to throw the cigarette filter.Guess what happened the hot filter came back directly to my Ear. I went Crazy and removed it but it fall in my back seat which started burning and i had to stop on almost in the middle of a highway.
I was just lucky that i survived  an accident. for me this may apply if driving while drinking hot tea. 

Muhammad Saeed Khan answered 3 months ago

I have Experienced This Situation When Hot Tea Drops On You It Totally Distracts Your Focus On Road

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