Can housemaid Cancel her Visa in UAE to find another Job?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsCan housemaid Cancel her Visa in UAE to find another Job?
Nankya Deborah asked 6 months ago
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 Am a housemaid hired directly from my country and my contract is unlimited.I want to cancel my visa and stay here and look for a nother job. My boss told me that ifI want to stay I have to pay money at immigration.Is it true and if its true how much am I supposed to pay?

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Kyalimpa Joan answered 6 months ago

Hey, from your name i know you a Ugandan, Me Too. anyway back to your question, Me Myself i worked as a maid for Ajman local family for 8MONTHS. i must say my boss madam was very good and i had a good relationship with her daughter. am quite educated  and my Boss knew that but i had taken the housemaid Job because i had many problems back home and they needed money and that was the only Job that i would earn some money compared to even some office Jobs in Uganda.
After 8 Months I politely sked my Boss that i would like to find a job in my profession. she wasn’t happy, she offered to increase my salary by AED 700 but actually it wasn’t about the money. She asked me to work for 3 more months. she also explained to me that it would take her 1 month to find a good house maid and 2 months for me to train her. we agreed and she promised that she will let me go and only cancel my visa if i found a Job. I had a friend already working in Dubai and i was luck to find the Job Just after 3 weeks. 
My Answer is,  no immigration payment is required, all what matters is if you have finished  6 six months and then YOUR BOSS. ( you have to have a mutual agreement although many prefer that you pay them all the Visa AND MEDICAL EXPENSES ) ‘ put in consideration that these people really spend alot of money as well in the visa process. 

Kevin answered 6 months ago

You don’t have to pay any money to any government office but have to transfer your visa of exit the country within the grace period of your cancellation, I.e 28 after cancellation after that you have to leave the country as you will be overstaying and fines will be applicable. Exit not necessarily to your home country, you can go Oman n come back on visit visa

Leny Roze answered 6 months ago

If i am not mistaken..u are obliged to pay such amount because u didn’t finish yet ur contract…unless ur sponsor was the one who will voluntarily cancel ur visa and give u release papers…if not then u have to pay….
But it depends again the situation or reason for u to cancel ur visa.

Nankya Deborah answered 6 months ago

Me I never signed any contract and they a da ones who told me to look for a job bt when am inside the house. When I failed to get a job I told them to cancel me so dat I go out and look for a job physically

Brave Brown answered 6 months ago

If you never signed any contract it maybe even more complicated you are just on their mercy.If you feel you want to go you better call in immigration and they tell you what to do.

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