Can I change a Job before finishing 6 months?

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Kay Zee asked 6 months ago
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I have one question. I have joined a company as an Audit Manager with salary of AED 12,000 per month. I am an M.B.A. Now I have been offered AED 16,000 at another company. Can I switch to this new job?

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Gilbert Coréen answered 6 months ago

Yes if you have already work more than 6months u can either transfer or conceal the visa to another work.

Ashen Mellen answered 6 months ago

Yes even if u dont complete 6 months, yr job / proffesion is in a high category where u can change even without finishing 6 months, but u will have to give yr employer 1 month notice

Michael Peter answered 6 months ago

Check if your contract limited or unlimited as different working notices might be required

Hans answered 3 months ago

For limited contract you need to compensate your employer 45 days salary and give a 30 days notice.

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