Can I get a new Dubai Visa if my old Residence visa was not cancelled

Top QuestionsCategory: Visa ChangeCan I get a new Dubai Visa if my old Residence visa was not cancelled
Husain Saddam asked 4 months ago
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Kindly Advise me
I worked in unlimited contract in LLC COMPANY in Dubai.
I came to India for medical treatment and stay over vacation and my company can’t re call. My visa is valid on August 2018.
Now I am present in India and looking Jobs for UAE.
MY question is
. . If I got new job offer for UAE can I go to UAE without any problems
2. My visa was not cancel
3. 6 month over for exit UAE
4. Again I want to go UAE.

3 Answers
Imran Farooq answered 4 months ago

You have to cancel ur old visa just send a passport copy to your previous employer and they will cancel .without cancelation u will not able to get new visa even ur visa is not valid

Sabir Khan answered 4 months ago

the residence permit becomes invalid but must be canceled through dnrd and clear from the system old sponsor would do it and the apply new work permit..

Jaisal Km answered 4 months ago

Anyone outside UAE for more than 180 days from the date of exit can’t re-enter UAE on the same visa as the visa becomes invalid . Even though it is invalid, employer has to do outside country cancellation for u to get new visas. And the re-entry is possible only for Partner or Investor visa holders till 365 days of exit date.
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