Can I Join another Company before Completing Probation without Compensating my employer

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Binu Shyam asked 6 months ago
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Hello sir
My name is Binu. I joined a company October 1, 2016, and they did not open the restaurant yet, and 4 months they didn’t pay me my salary coz that not open, finally just last month they paid only one month salary. 3 month salary they did not give me they said coz restaurant not open yet but the restaurant still not open, I’m always staying my room from October 1 to Feb 9, now I got a job offer from one of the best Hotel in UAE and I would like to join the new company for betterment of my career but the problem my company asking me if i resign I need to pay them 5000 AED , what should i do , can I go to labour court. kindly give advice. Please Advice.

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Khadhar Maideen answered 6 months ago

Bro. Don’t waste ur time. Just meet the current management tell the situation and ask them to take your¬†pending 2 months salary. Just request them. Don\’t fight or quarrel them now until ur visa will be canceled and got ur passport with visa cancellation pages.

Maribel Lahip answered 6 months ago

go to tassel to complain so that can not abuse you the people not good heart and tassel with labor they help u to solve or discuss the mater in your compony

David John answered 6 months ago

From my experience it took 5 months to get the appointment to meet the legal adviser there in Tasheel after complaining

Miguel VS answered 6 months ago

Why not give your company a chance,ask them what happened and what is your status. It is not easy to apply for your visa and everything that goes in your stay in Dubai and the rest of your co- employee. Once the Restaurant is open I hope they will update your condition.

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