Can I report an employer to UAE LABOUR if i’m on Visit Visa?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsCan I report an employer to UAE LABOUR if i’m on Visit Visa?
Esoj Nas Ydnar Ffej asked 7 months ago
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Is possible to complain about an employer if he did not give me a visa, salary and accommodation even I’m on visit visa? Now I have penalty and I want to go back to my country but this employer hold my passport

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Kevin answered 7 months ago

Salary, accommodation and other benefits are mutually agreed with the employer or through offer letter. Ask your company about status of your visa, if delayed from long time than you can complain in labor but the decision can be against you as you working on visit visa

جاك دانييلز answered 7 months ago

U can complain her/him if you have any documents to prove that he/she can fulfill the promises to you. Are you trying to say that ur working to him in visit visa? And that visit visa its your expenses or to him? How long you overstay? Check in the HR of your company ask them what your status and what they plan to you?

Malik answered 7 months ago

If you working on visit visa it is illegal. So you can not complain in MOHRE because you are violating the law, if you complain you will get life time ban and your company will get big amount of fine.
However you can complain in police for getting your passport on the basis that they promised to give you visa but they are holding your passport and also not processed your visa.

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