William Jk asked 7 months ago
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I would like to bring my stepdaughter to Dubai so that she can start living close with her mother. We have been married and living together In Dubai for 6 years. She is legally divorced in her first marriage with full custody of her daughter who is currently living in Philipines with the grandparents. My question is if I can legally sponsor in Dubai on a residency visa. my wife is also on my sponsorship.

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Lahiru James answered 7 months ago

Your wife’s full custody of the child is not enough, for you to be able to sponsor your stepdaughter you need to take up and process guardianship from the Philippines. I don’t know what the law or process on how to get guardianship in the Philippines but in Sri lank, all you need is mother’s consent to get the document that qualifies you as legal guardian.

Safeer answered 7 months ago

As Lahiri said, you need a certificate or letter that qualifies you as a legal document. what I can add on is that still, you need to get that letter or document attested and stamped in by authorities in your home country and the UAE. after that then there should not be anything to stop from sponsoring your stepdaughter as along as you meet the UAE criteria to consider a family. 

Anonymous answered 7 months ago

This is a tricky scenario in UAE but if you follow the right channels it can be very easy to sponsor your stepchild.

First, the custody of your stepdaughter must be approved by the court in the mother’s country and also by the UAE Embassy and Foreign Ministry in her home country. your mother must clearly have proof that she has legal custody of her children from her Ex-husband.

You will also need to submit to the department a no objection letter from the father of the children that he agrees that you can sponsor his daughter to live in UAE. ( By all means you need his approval)

In case her father is dead still you need to get no-objection from her grandparents or relatives in accordance with the law in Philipines.
you can visit Visaprocessae and read more on the process.
Good Luck

Ayunda answered 5 months ago

Hello..i have the same case.
I have full custody and i have a paper of legal custody from the court.and in indonesian law, child under 12 years old automaticaly will stay with the mother. As long as she is good mother and healty. So no one can take my legal custody unless if she is turning 13 years old she can decide where she wanna live with. If i still need an objection letter from my ex to bring my daugter to UAE, what if i cant reach him (which is i cant) because he didnt even care no more with his daughter not even speak on the phone. And i dont know where is his family live right now. And basicaly, they all dont care no more with me and my daughter. And they were not involved in our divorce process. None of them is coming to our divorce meeting or even him. So what should i do?? My husband now even ready submitt a letter to say he is agree to look after and pay all her expenses. Anything he will do to get me in dubai an live like a normal family but we cant get those non objection letter from my ex husband.what should i do? Honestly iam stress out with this. Such a complicated.please any advice.thank you

Jenny Dee answered 5 months ago

Ayunda. Sorry about that, I’m a mother of 3 in the same situation with my first born. I truly understand your pain. for the past two years, i have been living with my 2 kids but I couldn’t bring my first child because of the same scenario. However, I have been advised to find a lawyer or I go directly to court in the Philipines and explain the situation. the government can write the NOC letter. after getting the NOC, get it attested from the foreign affairs in the home country, UAE embassy in Home country and then get final attestation from a foreign affair in UAE.  The attested letter cab be accepted by the UAE government to process the Visa. My annual leave is next month and i will start on doing that. Good Luck

Ayunda answered 5 months ago

Thank you jenny for reply.
Did you ever asked to dubai government about this case? They can not accept if just attach a legal custody paper from the court even if it got a attested from the foreign affairs and uae embassy in home country?

Jenny Dee answered 5 months ago

I will definitely visit Tesheel on Sunday however, I’m positive that if the legal custody paper is attested then it will be accepted by all means. the paper gives you full responsibility to the child which is all the government needs.
In my case, i don’t have the custody papers, we never divorced legally because he traveled to Europe and he never communicated for 5 years so, i decided to move one. 8 years now still no communications   

Ayunda answered 5 months ago

Im sorry for your situation. But my suggestion is get legaly divorce as he left you for that long and didnt look after your child its gonna be a very fast to get divorce and your child custody will be with you legaly. Seems we need to take a patient and getnit done one by one. I know it seems so complicated to get our child to be with us which is we gonna do our best to look after them. And their birth father not even care. So whats the point we bother to find them.sorry to take it too emotional but this is their rules.only if they can be flexibel with some case like this.Hope you good luck and find the way.
Thank you

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