Can a nanny resign just after one year without getting UAE labour ban?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionCan a nanny resign just after one year without getting UAE labour ban?
Yhelin Montero Legaspi asked 4 months ago
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I’m working as a nanny. i’m signed 2 years contract but my visa and my emirates id is 1 year only. now i want to ask if i have right to quit this job after i finish my 1 year visa.
If i do will be there be a ban?

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Vanessa Veronieca Ssen answered 4 months ago

I would like to know the status of my friend. She’s Working as a Nanny in Abu Dhabi 2 years Ago, but she did not finished her contract to her employer. If i’m not mistaken, she worked for 3 months only.
I would like to know if her employer file a case against her?

Jennifer J answered 4 months ago

After one year you can resign easily however most of the families try not to make the resignation easy.
I worked in a labour recruitment for housemaids and nanny’s. the contract stated that probation period is 6 months but because the Sponsors pay a lot of money to agencies. they try everything to get back their money back if Nanny or maid resign before finishing the contract otherwise they put cases and make drama hence creating labour bans. I have seen this many times with my experience in the labour recruitment office in Ajman 

Yhelin Montero Legaspi answered 4 months ago

Hi Jennifer J ,  my employer they have a right to forcing me to renew my visa..i dont want to stay here because frm.6 am to 10pm i dont have break or seat and over working

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