Can your employer refuse vacation in Dubai

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Abraham VK asked 2 months ago
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My employer refused to give me Vacation,
He refused to cancel my visa
I haven’t received my salary for 2 months
What does the UAE Labour say about the employer not paying on time and refusing to give vacation to employers?
I work in Dubai.

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Rashid Mula answered 2 months ago

If you are not getting salary for 2 months report to tasheel and try for a job change or ask for cancellation call 800 665

Yasin M answered 2 months ago

Usually, small companies owned by Indians do this kind of things in Dubai, although it’s not proper.
The UAE Labour Law is clear, every expert is entitled to a vacation
The Salary should be on time that why there is WPS system.
Check your offer letter and read what it says about your Vacation.
If your employer is already violating what your offer letter suggests, please  800 665, you will get proper advice

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