How to Cancel UAE employment Visa while Outside the Country?

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Zisha Ch asked 4 months ago
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Please help me for my visa cancellation. I am on employment visa of two,years. But due some,reason I cannot go back for cancellation and company is telling me they cannot cancel with out coming back to Uae. It’s been 1and half year for the visa. My company didn’t proceed with cancellation. And seems like they r not interested in my cancellation. Please let me know how can I cancel without coming back. What about if It didn’t cancelled, can I,take visit visa or not. Or is it get automatically cancelled after 6month or not. What about ban, how much ban they can put against mine. Or if they put me in absconding for how long I will get ban or black,list min or max.

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Hasan Sabbir answered 4 months ago

Dear zisha, your visa will not be cancelled automatically…your employer will have to cancel your visa and unless your visa is cancelled you can’t take up another visa. if you are not in uae then your employer can’t put ban on u neither they can put absconding on u. finally your employer supposed to pay all overstay fines at the time of your visa cancellation otherwise they might be blocked from processing any new employment visa. hope this answer your question.


Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 4 months ago

Either You will have to come to UAE or you have to send your passport for cancellation or you will have to wait till July to get six months over so that your visa can be cancelled as out of country.

Kaye Maliwanag answered 4 months ago

Don’t worry, Automatic cancellation after 6 months will happen in case the company will not cancel your visa. it happened to me the same scenario I was in Philippines during the time they cancelled my visa after I resigned.

I applied for visit visa and now I’m back in UAE

Jamila Naqiballah answered 4 months ago

Not cancelled it gets expired,but visa needs to be canceled, Even if It expires automatically your Visa need to be cancelled. Its very hard to get another Visa Visa In UAE if your previous employment Visa is not cancelled.  

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