Carol Atuhairwe who has been battling throat and lung cancer has passed on

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Frank Mubiru asked 3 months ago
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Breaking News Carol Atuhairwe has died

Carol Atuhairwe who has been battling throat and lung cancer has passed on.

Carol came under the spotlight last year during a social media campaign dubbed #saveCarol to help her raise money for surgery.

“Carol Atuhairwe has passed on. She put up a strong spirited fight against cancer. The country was behind her, many citizens contributed financially, many stood by her in spirit. Carol fought courageously and with a cute smile, for me, her demeanor gave me hope that whichever way the fight goes, she will be in a good place. I have no doubt that she is in a better place. Rest well, Carol.” Karl-Marx W’Mugeni

May her soul RIP


Social media posts that broke the news!

“You put up a good fight but God had other plans, For the first time in my life, I didn’t have hope from day one, I mean how many people survive stage 4 lung, throat cancer?! It’s so unfair for someone who never smoked a cig in her life.” – Julia Kawalya

“Carol Atuhairwe of the famous #Save carol campaign has just passed on in India. May her soul Rest perfect Peace. Don’t scroll down without typing RIP.” – Ritah Kaggwa

“Carol Atuhairwe, the widely publicized cancer
victim, has passed on India.
Relatives said Atuhairwe died at around 9:30pm
at a hospital where he was receiving treatment.
Ugandans last year raised millions of shillings to
save Atuhairwe.
However, her life could not be saved as her
situation had significantly deteriorated.
“She is gone, we will miss her,” said I Mugizi, a
close relative who has been attending to the
deceased.   #RIPCarolAtuhairwe! ” – 
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The last pictures of Carol Atuhairwe

Carol Atuhairwe pictures before death

Carol Atuhairwe pictures in India

Carol Atuhairwe pictures

Carol Atuhairwe


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Joseph Onena answered 3 months ago

Bambi ooh no have been following her story ever since she went for the oparetion but things turned out bad may the almighty keep the family of the deceased strong R.I.P carol oooh no let me me finish up my ka waragi coz death has no limit.

Atwine Judith answered 3 months ago

U ve been strongest ever… Even in pain u never forgot to smile,ur not just dead u went to rest with ur creator!!
Death shame on u, in Christ we ‘ll live again!!!

Brian Orombi Apangu answered 3 months ago

You are really a fighter my sister, where ever you are resting now we pray for peace. R.I.P miss you

August Reigne answered 3 months ago

Rest in peace carol u wea a fighter.