If my Company Closes before I finish 6 months, Do i get UAE Labour Ban?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsIf my Company Closes before I finish 6 months, Do i get UAE Labour Ban?
Evol Akoh Magbuhos asked 6 months ago
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Hi sir, good evening.
my visa is unlimited and I did not finish 6-months because of company issue..they close the company that’s why my boss canceled my visa. My question is I can get a ban from labor because I did not finish 6-months???
thank you so much. .I hope I can get an immidiate response.

have a nice day.

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Gilbert le Coréen answered 6 months ago

No ban dear u are free to look another job

Malik Tayyab answered 6 months ago

In case of company closer, if you haven’t completed probation period then you may not get ban subject to your company followed the company closure proceedings as per law.

Sunny answered 6 months ago

Visit labour office bcoz everyday new laws so don’t follow the suggestion like that

Abdul Majid answered 6 months ago

As your company closed and your visa and contract has been cancelled, you can apply for another job and there will not be any ban imposed. But you only will have 28 days to stay in the UAE once the visa has been cancelled exceeding which there will be fine for every single day. However, you can enter the UAE with visit visa and seek job. Good luck.

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