Can I refuse to work if the company delays my salary?

Top QuestionsCategory: GratuityCan I refuse to work if the company delays my salary?
Elicia Botha asked 3 months ago
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1. His company is delaying the salary for the month of May. Should be end of the month but today they said they will only get salary on the 6th of June. Can he refuse to go to work? What is his rights in this matter?

2. The company is closing end of June but will re-open as a different company. They don’t want to pay out his flight ticket. Contract said he will get it on completion of 18 months but he won’t finish 18 months because they are closing and then the contract will finish.
3. They also don’t want to pay out his gratuity when the company close. As per my knowlegde, when a company close they need to pay it.

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G Kumar answered 3 months ago

Just for a month delay you can’t complain.How ever if it is going to close collect your pending salary gratuity and leave salary before changing the new sponsor.but if the licence and the name of company remain same and you are not changing the visa no issues.

Anson Alex answered 3 months ago

Today is june 2nd, their is no delay in salary as per labor, since they give time to deposit your salary in bank till June30th.

You can not stop the work because of this delay. More than 2 months of salary delay,then you can complain in MOL.

Anson Alex answered 3 months ago

As per the MOL norms, company have time till June 30th.
Even you can complaint only after 2 months.

Elicia Botha answered 3 months ago

Thank you for your help. Salary is always late. The contract state salary will be paid in at the end of the month which needs to be either the 30th or 31st. I dont agree with this. We all have stuff to pay at the end of the month. How can the company not pay you on time?

Secondly the company is not reopening with the same name and owner. Its going to be a different company and they all are moving to a new place, which means new visa. What is his right regarding this matter?

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