Company Shut Down: How to get work permit cancelled in Dubai

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Mohammed Abdul Raheem Sufiyan asked 1 month ago
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I was previously an employee of a Company in Dubai, My work permit of 2 years was about to end and the company cancelled my visa. Later on, the Owner asked me again to reapply for the new visa but by that time the company started collapsing financially. Despite he insisted so I submitted a fee for visa and went for enrolment.
But my visa process couldn’t be completed as the required documents such as immigration establishment card and labour card was expired.
Meanwhile, I was being fined per day for overstayed after visa cancellation.
All these procedures were carried out by me with the help of a PRO friend in Tasheel who explained me everything as the company no longer subsided by me. 
The visa couldn’t get issued because of incomplete documents and the daily fine compelled me to leave the country.

Now, after 6 months I have decided again to visit Dubai and applied for visit visa 90 days. I got the ticket done. But the thing is now I am not able to get it as the previous process it still incomplete.
How can I overcome this situation? 
I have no hopes of getting the previous visa as the previous company in Dubai has shut down. I want to visit Dubai for searching new job.

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Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 1 month ago

Your work permit issued from ministry of Labour has to be cancelled first then only you can apply for any fresh visa.

Mohammed Abdul Raheem Sufiyan answered 1 month ago

How do I cancel from here(India)? What documents required?

Ibrahim Salim answered 1 month ago

If you have a friend or relative in UAE, CONTACT them, send your passport and let them visit Tesheel, you will get proper guidance on how you can cancel you work permit if the company is already shut down. 
There is nothing you can do from India. 

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