Completed 2 YEARS on unlimited contract but refused to pay my gratuity

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Ibad Ullah asked 3 months ago
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I have completed my 2 years in company with unlimited contract, after visa expiry, I resigned from there, got new job. while signing the cancellation papers I ask them for my gratuity and leave salary but they told that we cant pay you unless you make clearance from all departments in company. I did that and then asked but they refused again told me to either exit and we will drop you in airport with immigration stamp or bring visa issued from other company. I brought visa. they again refused by telling to bring status change proof.
Now I sent status change also. but they told me to show visa on my passport.  I need suggestionS what to do?
I also made call to Tas’heel but they also told me that you shouldn’t signed that cancellation paper. Can I submit complain against them now while signed papers?

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Jincy Anand answered 3 months ago

You can do complaint which will stand even after the cancellation but i will suggest you to not to try for it unless the amount is huge or you will be wasting your time running behind a smaller amount. Based on my personal experience, i have done my complaint after the cancellation and i won my case after 1.5 years. It was a right time for me to fight for my settlement as my new company was so supportive to attend the hearing every month until i get my final judgement. So there is no problem of trying but you should have time and moreover, the support from new company… I am sure you will win. Good luck

G Kumar answered 3 months ago

When you sign cancellation are agreeing that you received all dues so you can’t complain further

Nima Unr answered 3 months ago

But why some companies cheat..such type of cheaters should be dealt with for harrassing a person who trust them. Really shame on such companies.

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