DEBUNKING Joho’s propaganda in Kakamega! The lie & the Truth!

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Rian Mbigura asked 3 months ago
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“DEBUNKING Joho’s propaganda in Kakamega.
THE LIE: KPA has been sold and when Raila becomes president, it will be taken back.

THE TRUTH: KPA has not been sold. Some cargo handling services were privatized, an initiative that benefited Joho and his brother Abubakar who own Portside CFS and Autoport CFS respectively.

THE LIE: In Mombasa, there was a land which Arap Mashamba wanted it. They tried to build a wall but I went there and demolished it.

THE TRUTH: KBC, a national govt corporation was fencing its own land at VOK, near Bombolulu. Mombasa County govt sent its askaris claiming that the construction had not approved by the county govt. It was later learned that the county govt of Mombasa is eying the same piece of land for development purposes.
Mr Joho will only lie to the people of Omulembe! Go tell the birds Bw D-!” –  Kogo Harrison


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Deo Ekwaro answered 3 months ago

The privatised services were given to Dubai port services not locals. Don’t think we don’t know.


Edward Wanyonyi answered 3 months ago

Joho President 2022 mkatae mkubali. Arap mashamba siasa zimeisha apotelee huko tuko na Isaac Ruto tibiim.

Forester Makori answered 3 months ago

All Kenyans are tired nd want change except Kikuyu’s because they have been brainwashed nd trained to hate Raila.

Ketta Elkips answered 3 months ago

Joho has no qualities of leadership,he should be talking of manifestos in Mombasa county,as a leader u must lead by example by challenging ur opponents by leaving a legacy

Felix Nyagesuka answered 3 months ago

Ask as my friend, Mr John ywasema ukweli we are in Mombasa and we known.

Davis Mathenge Davis Mathenge answered 3 months ago

Joho aongee asiyo ongee ata yeye anasikia uzito wa jubilee coast hii na kurudi ka gavana ni majaliwa yake,hapa hakuna nguruwe za kukaa na uchafu

Mutogia Mainah answered 3 months ago

Insulting each other or another tribe for this guys is a major waste of time. I can assure you that non of this guys will ever attend any issue that your neighbor would. Non of them is going to think of you when they get to the position they target. Remember that it is you and your neighbor of whichever tribe that will bear the cost of maintaining their luxurious life. My opinion is for you to familiarize yourself with the county system of government and play your role when the budgets are being made and when allocation for the moneys in your county are done. A president is not valuable to you, we may fight but its only your contribution to the development of your county that will directly benefit. So Raila or Uhuru being president is nothing but hot air.

Josphine Jojo answered 3 months ago

Kila mtu ana kura yake the bulshits you post won’t help at this time, Kenyans are not blind, if jubilee has worked then we don’t need to be convinced but see, if NASA has citizen’s welfares at hand then am sure we know whom to vote in

Robert Omollo answered 3 months ago

Change is inevitable this time round…, there are only two options here, its either Raila for President or Raila for President.., as Nasa supporters, we are not ready through any means to accept another result a part from that…, This time round if Jubelee steals, Kenya will be reduced into ash.

Wafula Fedinant answered 3 months ago

Oh my God, have u seen yourself before your express your stupidity, #robertomollo so u want to reduce Kenya into ashes my friend stop cheating yourself, this country is bigger than you ok

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