Denying Raila Odinga An Opportunity To Address The Nation In Nyeri Was An Unwise Move.

Top QuestionsCategory: NewsDenying Raila Odinga An Opportunity To Address The Nation In Nyeri Was An Unwise Move.
James Oumarou‎ asked 3 months ago
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“Denying Raila Odinga an opportunity to address the nation in Nyeri today was an unwise move.National holidays ought to remains so with a sense of nationalism,laced with unity fervour without being sucked into NASA vs JUBILEE shenanigans.Some of us may not like Raila but the opposition leader has a stake in the liberation history of Kenya political intolerance not withstanding. The same way we would condemn President Uhuru being heckled in Migori the Nyeri incidence ought to be castigated with in simmilar tone. What this country needs as we approach the general election is political tolerance from both Jubilee and NASA.” -James Oumarou‎ 
Raila Odinga in nyeri

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‎Collins Okello‎ answered 3 months ago

“I received an invitation to attend the national day celebrations and I honored it. It was their responsibility to recognize me, I leave it to the people to judge the way they (government) handled the issue. I don’t want to appear to be complaining.

“Hiyo ni shauri yao. The problem is theirs. This was not supposed to be a Jubilee affair. Honestly, I would have done it differently,” – Rt Hon Raila Odinga

Bryan Mcrain answered 3 months ago

National holiday my foot, Raila ni shetani, jst the other day he was shouting\”Uhuru must go\” and expect the President to b kind?
Y show up and in the past he has nvr bt alwys had his parallel celebrations elsewhere??
Akwende huko.
Uthamaki hapati

Kevoh Muriih answered 3 months ago

Yes anafaa ivo koz last year when he led parallel national celebrations what was he thinking of and yesterday why did he go to nyeri he might as well celebrated like he did last year

Ochieng Owino answered 3 months ago

Let me tell freely my friend.All illegal, unconstitutional, and their unlawful ways of stealing votes has been known and blocked.So its high time we change our minds, the same way i suffer economically its right equal to you.Kubalitu

Living da Promise answered 3 months ago

Raila ussually held his parallel rally to national holiday how comes he appeared in nyeri to look for a chance to insult president aende akikauka

osphine Matiti answered 3 months ago

Madaraka day is a state function not jubilee rally please lets differentiate events. Kenya belongs to all of us dear brothers and sisters and everyone has right to attend irrespective of where you belong politically.

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