The new Dubai International Airport baggage Rules ?

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Sudip Rokka asked 5 months ago
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What do i need to know about the Dubai Airport new baggage Rules?

Please explain to me in details about the Dubai Airport new baggage policy .

Can we take the blankets or not please clarify.

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Yasin Muhamood answered 5 months ago

The new Dubai Airpot baggage rule is all about packing your luggage properly however their quit serious. last week i was travelling to Uganda with a Toyota land cruiser Grill. i admit it wasn’t properly packed and i was already late for my flight and it got rejected so my wife had to return it.
After the incident i visited dubaiairports website and found out as below.

A list of Dubai Airport baggage Rules?

  1. Bags without at least one flat surface will not be accepted.
  2. Irregularly shaped and over-sized bag will not be allowed
  3. Round bags are not accepted
  4. Don’t tie your luggage with plastic ropes around

Image below is a print screen from that  explains the Dubai Airport luggage Rules.

Jana Aradhan Swamy answered 5 months ago

Use carton boxes for packing luggage’s best. Since lightweight and full wrap brown plastic tape.. Completely.All sides. full roll. That’s it. But don’t pack hazardous goods. rest all OK. 

Abdul Haleem answered 5 months ago

Dear you can take all non hazardous stuff ,,only shape of the packing matters , rectangle or square in shape.

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