Dubai Employer Refusing To Give Experience Letter – What Can I do?

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Shivaranjani Balan asked 2 months ago
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I have resigned  from the company a week back. They even gave me  a confirmation email  that i have resigned and accepted . I am into unlimited contract. I have served more than a month of notice period. but they are not providing my experience certificate.
They are saying come after 2 – 3 Weeks.just for this certificate i need to stay for another month with out any income it is an expense for me.
They are saying signing person not available.
HR not available. Creating stories.

What should I do now. They strongly say no to visa cancellation.

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Raji Kumar answered 2 months ago

Where there is a dispute it is always it is like this even if you work your life time .After the notice period they have 1 month time to cancel your visa .Get your Experience certificate ,dues then sign for cancellation document .Suggested to settle the issue in a friendly manner to avoid more delays .If its not possible try to visit any nearest Tasheel center (which may take more than a month plus it can increase your mental tension) don’t worry about their experience letter it is not the one controlling your future .For an example I am a person resigned from Central govt job from India and came here ,unfortunately they terminate me with in 2 years for a salary increment dispute .They put a ban in passport and no experience certificate given ,Still I am in this country for the past 30 years.and I personally met this employer 6 months back who is a multi billionaire.

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