How many years is employment visa valid in dubai?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionHow many years is employment visa valid in dubai?
Lee Eun BI asked 4 months ago
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I signed a contract of two years but my employer made 4 years visa
Right now am in ma country, I went back after i fell sick for several weeks to get treatment we noticed that my visa expires 2019 when i started working 2015 with them
Am just a Nanny
Wen i left the house for treatment i didn’t want to com back but unfortunately, the visa wasn’t canceled
I need help please

2 Answers
Brave Brown answered 4 months ago

Just call and tell them you won’t come back so that they don’t put you on absconding. Then after 6 months it will expire automatically. Though I have not seen that contract of 4yrs.

Yasin Muhamood answered 4 months ago

Any state in UAE. Housemaid or any domestic worker visa is valid for 2years max. check properly please. don’t just keep quite. call your sponsor and let them know that you not coming back so that they can cancel your visa.
It can’t be absconding since you not in UAE but if the employment visa is not cancelled after 6months you can’t come back in the country even if its just visit visa. 

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