Can I Exit for Visa change in Oman by Bus from Dubai?

Top QuestionsCategory: Visa ChangeCan I Exit for Visa change in Oman by Bus from Dubai?
Ai Sha asked 6 months ago
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I resigned to a free zone company. I have found a new job and the employer is willing to give me visa.. i already apply for oman visa change tomorrow i will exit to oman by bus.. but the company is forcing me to exit Dubai by air. And i dont have money to buy ticket. I dont have visa in my hand yet and ex company not giving back my passport and cancellation paper they want me to show ticket in airport. my plan is today i will try to talk to the jafza office if nothing happen i will report to the police. Just want to know if there is law about the employer forcing the employee to exit by air if the employee have no money for it.

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Gopa answered 6 months ago

Nobody can force to exit by air ,if so let them pay your ticket.Complaint to be given to court not police which will take 3 to 4 days plus you have to spend around AED 120 Dhs.If you have enough time you can follow the same.

DG Cozy answered 6 months ago

No need to exit, tell ur new employer to apply online to get ur entry pass (pink copy) and pay change of status .

Levi Viong answered 6 months ago

Talk with your travel agent Oneway Air ticket more musacat with dummy after we attend. Bus now pbalik of Dubai..

Ai Sha answered 6 months ago

Thank u guys.  I’m already here in Oman now. I went to the Jafza 14 that day i talked to the labour desk to #43 38 23 and 19 (police).. all of them saying I need to talk to the company which i already did so many times.. Glad to meet Mr. Abdullah Almehairi (General Manager Government Relations Service) he helped me. He had long conversation (almost like argument) with the PRO of company. Atlast they allowed me to exit by bus..Alhamdullilah.. thank u my friends for all ur comment and support.

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