What is the easiest way to file for divorce in UAE

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Ladla Molla asked 4 months ago
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I am a Christian female living in UAE. I was married here but we have been  separated for two  years however we never got an official divorce. My Ex husband  still works in Dubai. I want to marry a Muslim man and Join join Islam as well but what is the easiest way to get a divorce  in UAE .

Is it possible to file for a divorce in Sharia court  since i’m covering to Islam? 

One of my friend told me no need for divorce since i’m getting married to a muslim, Is it TRUE?

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Imran Khan-Lawyer answered 4 months ago

If u r married then u cant marry any man till u have not received divorce certificate from any court of law.

Hans Borst answered 4 months ago

In the Philippines divorce is almost impossible due the power of the Catholic church.

Jaze Rajpoot answered 4 months ago

You can’t get married with a Muslim until you have first marriage Islam does not permit a women to stay in Nikkah with 2 person at the same time only one first and if you want second than get divorce from first one.

Ainalie Daya Aurillo answered 4 months ago

But my Friend she’s married first husband in the Philippines,now she’s married here in Abu Dhabi Egyptian Muslim,how she can married if she’s stilt married her husband?

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