How easy is it to open a bank account In UAE BANK

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Asiimwe Martin asked 6 months ago
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What are the requirements for expatriates  to open up a saving or current account in UAE local banks?

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Yasin Muhamood answered 6 months ago

Opening a bank account in UAE is very easy but the process can get you frustrated if you don’t have proper documents.
What I can assure you, the requirements vary from bank to bank. I personally have two accounts from Emirates NBD and Dubai Islamic Bank but some of their requirements vary although they both asked for my original Passport and salary certificate.

Summary of Requirements needed to open a Bank account In UAE.

1-Original Passport with residency Visa. ( Take some copies with as well)
2-Salary Certificate ( This mentions all your earnings from the company)
3-A letter of no-objection from the employer ( Few banks will ask for NOC)
4-You need about 5-8 Passport size photos.

One important thing you should know. Most of the banks ask for a minimum account maintaining balance. for example, in my Dubai Islamic Bank, i have to maintain a minimum balance AED 3000 If not then AED 25 IS charged every month.



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