Emirates ID Expiry or Visa Expiry? What can i consider?

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Ina Yah asked 4 months ago
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I have a questions.  i’m working as a cleaner in Dubai, so i’m on my limited contract and my emirates id will be finish on July 13 2017 and i’m not planning to renew my contract, so my questions are..
1- When can i stop working? Exactly on the expiry date of my emirates id? Or before it expires?
-about limited contract, is it true that when you have a limited contract, you’ll be cancel automatically right after your emirates id expires?
-If i don’t want to renew, are the employer can hold me and ask me to work even my emirates id is finish?

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Awais Khan answered 4 months ago

Even your Emirates get expired you have to cancel your visa.

Ahmad Shabir answered 4 months ago

If you won’t come back to ever in Dubai again then no need you can go back anytime without informing them.

Abdul Haleem answered 4 months ago

The proper way is to give one month notice in advance to your employer before expiry of visa . Stating that you don’t want to renew the contract.

Ina Yah answered 4 months ago

@Abdul Haleem  Yes. I’m going to do that but my concern is, after I give them 1-month notice then, for example, the day has come, I mean the expiry date, does my company can still hold and ask me to work for let say 1 more month. can they do that? And can i refuse to work since my emirates id is finish

Abdul Haleem answered 4 months ago

You can refuse to work once one month advance notice period is over.

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