My Employer is not paying Salary on time, No overtime and NO day off.

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionMy Employer is not paying Salary on time, No overtime and NO day off.
Jean Salamanca Manio asked 5 months ago
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I’m working in a wedding hall under limited contract my problem is supposedly my salary is 1500 and have an allowance of 200 but my employer paying 1200 AED only monthly. The contract says we have weekly day off but they did not give us day off and no overtime . I have been working for 9 months in this company can i resign from this company but what are the consequences,  if I do this and if i go to labor office

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Momin answered 5 months ago

Automatic 1-year ban from ministry of labor. If you file complain it will take months to finish the matter,

Praveen Kasrottaran answered 5 months ago

You have to pay 45 days salary back to the employer. Since you haven’t finisher you wont get any benefits from the employer like your leave salary , gratuity etc

Lesley Horrell Garnett answered 5 months ago

You can go to labor office to discuss your options with them take all your papers and proof they will then ask if u wish them to intervene if u agree they will send a request to ur boss to pay as promised incl backpay owing. Only problem you might have is that your boss fires you afterwards but that’s your choice and you can again complain for unjust termination.

Gill Davinder answered 5 months ago

Batter call 8OO665 and tell them about your problem. It’s toll-free number labor court customer care

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