Expatriates Credit card Problems in UAE

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Atta Khan asked 5 months ago
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My friend had used Emirates NBD Credit Card for 1 year & he go cancel to his home town Pakistan but he didn’t pay balance Amount
3100 AED. He give money to his another friend to pay. But he also didn’t pay. He provided my email ID in bank. that’s why I received several Email from NBD for the payment.
I had informed my friend & he agree to pay amount but bank now asking for 5000 AED
1900 AED Interest, my friend come back to Dubai. So question is that is there any possibility that he only pay 3100 AED without interest, instead of 5000 AED.

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Gopa answered 5 months ago

No chance  .Any reduction can be done by bank only .so discuss with them

Sohail Malik answered 5 months ago

Prior to any payment, get settlement letter from the bank and then make agreed amount. Bank may waive some amount. Its only up to bank if they can take principle amount or give u some waiver in interest. Once payment done, ask for the clearance certificate as after some time, again bank may claim the amount.

One more thing, Do not make payment without settlement letter. If there is need to visit to branch, visit and ask/get settlement letter. May be his account is in recovery process now so bank can easily give some waiver.

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