Can i find a Job to work with a pending Labour court case?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionCan i find a Job to work with a pending Labour court case?
Lovely Smile‎ asked 4 months ago
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I just want to Know if my complaint is still in labour. Can I find job In another company and start to work with them. My visa will be going to expire on 14 August. And my case is still pending in labour. They have given me another date on 25 this month.
Thinking about making a change.

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Noor Vazeer answered 4 months ago

You can request for a temporary work permit (if the case has already began ) or else wait till your cancelled alternatively contact mol.

Asmat Ullah answered 4 months ago

Ministry of Labour can allow you to work temporarily for six months,  request the court by providing the documents or  certificate that states you have a labour case pending before the court,

Rozina answered 3 months ago

hi can you tell me from which counter of labor court can provide as i have been there twice and no one knows where to go for this document.

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