Why Foreign men divorce Philippines wives?

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Daisy Rubi Gonzales asked 5 months ago
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Why Foreign men are increasingly divorcing Philippines wives In UAE? 

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Anonymous answered 5 months ago

Am married to one but i also don’t see our relationship going any further. Filipino women are very controlling. they want to control a man like the way they control a maid or their own younger children.
My wife checks my phone almost every day. when i go to the bathroom that’s first on her mind is to check my phone. she even wakes up in the middle of the night to check the phone.
On outside Filipino women actually look all clean but take her as a wife and you will see, they want everything to be done for them. at least my wife. ( WOMAN WHO CAN’T EVEN CLEAN HER OWN BEDROOM OR TAKE A SHOWER AFTER LONG DAY AT WORK )
The biggest problem came with our kids even though we live in Dubai, during the  pregnancy of our first daughter she did everything to give birth in Philippines and she left my kid there. i have tried everything to bring my daughter but she has ALSO MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE. same applies to our second child.
however i recently found out that when a Filipino lady marries a foreign man, they always think of the day they will separate and WHEN  that comes they always want to take full control of the kids. ( SO IF THERE IN PHILIPPINES WHAT WILL YOU DO ?)
Its very hard. a Filipino should marry a Filipino otherwise their very hard women to handle. i live in regret everyday.

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