Going for Emergency leave and Not return to work in UAE

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Angelo Swayze Jonas Alibayan asked 3 months ago
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I  want to go back to my home country and I have no plans of coming back but my company says that I need  to pay the VISA fee for 6000 AED, IF I  resign…the question is if my friend did not
What if I ask for Emergency leave I go back home and not return without informing my Boss.
What can he do? 

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Joseph Sentongo answered 3 months ago

Check with whether your contract is limited or unlimited first. If unlimited, give 30 days notice to the employer and no need to pay any compensation or visa charges to them.
Upon 30days completion, they will cancel the visa and can exit the country.

If limited contract, you will have to pay 45 days salary the to employer.
However, it is better to cancel the visa and travel to avoid any issues in future.
Remember if you just exit like that you may fail to get any visa back to UAE even if it’s just visit.

It’s better to always leave UAE in peace without any issues because for sure it’s the world business Centre in my opinion at some point you have to return.

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