What is the Grace period after employment visa cancellation in UAE

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Shevon Ada asked 4 months ago
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I will highly appreciate if you could help me out with some advice. I completed 2 years with a company in Dubai and they said that they will not renew my contract. So I had looked for a job. I’ve found a job and my previous employer cancelled my visa and cancellation papers had 16 days grace period which ended on 28th April (it was not 28 days as usual when I inquired about this he indicated that this is what they received from the immigration). My new employer applied for my visa and the status is in progress. They said it will be approved today.
I am overstaying now. Can my previous employer put an absconding case on me or do I have any grass period with paying fine.

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Liz Joseph answered 4 months ago

Better complaint to MOL if in case company not giving benefits. Request the employer to settle the payment and if they not giving, inform Labor on the same.

Cyril Amora answered 4 months ago

Hi Shevon Ada first, ask them why your labour got cancelled without your signature. In the labour cancellation paper, it is written like “i have accept and cleared all dues” means that your company gave whatever dues you have. It’s a big question now why the got your labour cancelled without your signature. You must get your annual leave pay which is equal to 2.50 days paid leave per month plus gratuity pay which is base on the number of years you worked for the company. Leave pay calculation will base on your basic+housing allowance whereas gratuity calculation is base on the basic salary only. Now, if they cant answer your question on how and why, then they might forged your signatory. You can ask a copy of that cancellation paper from the Tasheel if they cant produce from their side. Dont complaint in MOL directly. Piece of advise. Sort that issue from your side 1st and if you got the full
Info and cannot be solver by u and the company then file the complaint.

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