If a maid wants to leave the Job In UAE, Do i have to pay the money paid to the agency?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsIf a maid wants to leave the Job In UAE, Do i have to pay the money paid to the agency?
Jeene Miles asked 5 months ago
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I Just want to ask should I need to pay 20000dhs to my employer before they release me because my employer said they will not don’t release me unless I pay them back the amount they paid in my agency that brought me from Philippines. 
The fact is my boss is not the best person, so i can’t see myself working for 2 years, It’s only been 4 months and i feel that i have had enough. 
Please help me out with some suggestion because I don’t have that kind of money. and I don’t if even know for sure how much money was paid to the agency.

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Gopa answered 5 months ago

Contact Immigration Jaffliya 2 separate counters for maids and house workers.

Jeene Miles answered 5 months ago

Sir if i file a case against them how many days it will takes before i get my passport

Ashar answered 5 months ago

All you need to do is go to Dubai Court. They will issue you passport release papers. Keep one copy with you and give one to your employer. If they didn’t return your passport within 2 days, police will retrieve it for you.

Jeene Miles answered 5 months ago

But they said they put me ban for a lifetime entire gcc….what i need to do?
My question is if they have the right to put me ban entire middle east and for a life time….im just wondering why they put life time ban entire middle east i didn’t do anything wrong with them..
I Just want to resign only thats it.

Ashar answered 5 months ago

They are just threatening you to scare you. They know that you cannot fight with them financially. This is why they are taking advantage of your financial situation. They have no right to put any type of ban on you. Don’t worry, my friend. You will not face any such ban as long as you serve notice period.

Jeene Miles answered 5 months ago

But it is posible they put ban on me?

Ashar answered 5 months ago

They can put maximum 6 month LLC ban on you but if you find a job in freezone, DMCC or government organization, then that ban will not apply on you.

Manfred Anwanda answered 5 months ago

Jeene they can’t ban you from entering GCC. All they’re trying to do is make you to be afraid by threatening you with the ban issue. Moreover how long have u been working with them?

Jhoe Bernardo answered 5 months ago

I had the same problem, i paid may visa’s (2500)before they cancel my visa..since employer paid the expenses so they wanted to get back their money.
I had no choice but to pay them ..but according to others.you don’t need to pay

Sigh Janessa answered 5 months ago

If you are finished contract then no need to pay the said amount.. but for legal assistance you better contact the immigration so they can guide you appropriately. Good luck  and God bless!

Ibraheem answered 5 months ago

There is no such a thing as ban for life time unless the government apply it, companies can only ban you for specific period of time, I think the max is 6 months or year and they should have good reasons for that, mainly the notice period, you just contact the authorities and they will help you, no company should threaten you as the government of the UAE do not allow such corporate behaviour. Start by going to Dubai court and get passport clearance paper that is mentioned above while you should resign by giving a written letter.

Jeene Miles answered 5 months ago

@Ibraheem Yes sir and my employer said that they put ban to me….because of unfinished contract with them. I’m a nanny and i stay here in my employer only 4month and i talk to them last Friday that i resign and bring me back to my agency i talk also my agency about my situation but suddenly until no have response because there boss is in travel now…

Ivy Manansala Lalic answered 5 months ago

correct me guys if what I’m saying is wrong but as far as I know nanny/housemaid category is not under labour i just don’t know exactly under which rules/law they are under but for Jeene miles case bcoz she’s only 4 months on her employer she will be still under the custody of her agency until such time that they can find new employer for her if she really doesn’t want to stay on her employer now otherwise she really need to pay the agency bcoz she came here from Philippines without any expenses coming from her pocket, so the agency shouldered all her expenses coming here so what will be the benefit of the agency from her if they will just let her go like that?. she really needs to pay i think..if only she is working under company visa that’s the time she can file labour case.. God bless

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