How can i defend myself in UAE court without a lawyer?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionHow can i defend myself in UAE court without a lawyer?
Shams Shamsuddin asked 5 months ago
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Can someone please guide me how to defend myself in court of appeal . i have  labour case regarding termination i faced in the first instance. The court  judgement​ was ruled in my favour But now my employer went for appeal with the help of a lawyer.
The court lawyer gave me some documents of paper which is written in arabic saying that i have to answer some questions.
How can i defend myself, i have relevant evidence  which the employer as asked me baseless.  i want appropriate suggestion where i can type document  draft because  i cannot afford lawyer so please can anybody suggest the proper way.where i can get typed in Arabic and answer them once again. Thank You

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Min Jane answered 5 months ago

Any typing center you can ask them and also they can also translate too into Arabic from English/English to Arabic. I think the cost is maximum 200AED or less

Jana Aradhan answered 5 months ago

In sharjah, you can go to rolla behind UAE exchange building… There r lot of translators who will make it for u… U also need to translate u r evidence to Arabic . First, do your defense submission into Arabic… You have prepare a draft in English with all what u want to say. after getting to know what’s mentioned in the company submission. Also I suggest u gather two or more eye witness to tell the truth in court in your support

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