How many days for Maternity Leave In UAE

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Jamie Joven asked 1 month ago
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How many days do we have when taking a Maternity Leave In UAE?
I have been working for my company for the last 18 months, however, I’m now 6 months pregnant and when I asked our Human resource, she said maternity in UAE entities 45 days day if one has worked continuously for 1 year.  Is this True?

Does Maternity Leave In UAE entitle full pay for the 45 days? 


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Yasin Muhamood answered 1 month ago

A female worker is entitled to full maternity pay for a period of 45 days.
Article 30 – “The maternity leave shall be granted with half a wage should the worker not have completed the aforementioned period.”
Upon the end of the maternity leave, you can remain absent but without pay. for a period of one hundred consecutive or non Consecutive days.
You should have prove explaining your absence that you were suffering from a disease that was  hindring your capability to work, in that case you require a medical certificate issued by hospital or clinic that is appointed by the competent health authority in UAE or the specific state that you work in.

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