How much is the fine if I overstayed In Dubai FOR 4 day?

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Sajid Hussain asked 6 months ago
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Please help me with this information.
I am on  overstay in Dubai now and I want to know how much fine for 4 days

Because  I am going back on Sunday to my country.

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sendawula Filly answered 6 months ago

Overstay fine depends on the visa status u have employment visa 100drms for the first day n then 25 drms for other days. visit visa 300drms for the first day anf the 100drm for other days . now sort yourself dude n do the math

Shahzad Khan DV answered 6 months ago

Suppose you are working in Dubai or any emirates of U.A.E and your visa Contract already finish or you are Looking for another job and luckily you got a new job, now it’s time to cancel your current visa and go out from country to receive your new visa but in any case you are not capable to go out from UAE and your cancellation already submitted in MOL what are the rules you need to follow?
According to Immigration rules you are allowed only 30 days stay after cancelling your visa to complete your remaining work for new visa, however after the expiry of Grace Period, they will subject fine only, it will not become any criminal, ban or blacklist case. Fine for the first day will be 125 AED and then 25 AED will be charged for each consecutive day.
Point to be noted that this fine should be pay after completing grace period of 30 days at immigration at the time of renewal.

Rajesh Karivellur answered 6 months ago

Dear if your employment visa cancelled you can stay up to 28 days as free , after the 28 days finished the first day is 100dhs and second day onwards 25dhs only. If you’re overstayed 6 months just calculate 25x 180dhs + 220dhs for outpass , which you can pay in any immigration in Dubai , before paying you have to take home country ticket ghats it

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