How much is the first day penalty for over stay in Dubai.

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionHow much is the first day penalty for over stay in Dubai.
Ybur Tonglinga asked 4 months ago
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How much is the first day penalty for over stay in Dubai.
I  cancelled my  visa and have over stay and wishes to go Oman to apply visit visa for Dubai. 

first day penalty over stay in dubai


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Buskador Corral answered 4 months ago

Cancel visa first day 100 after 25 per day. U can stay 25 days after cancellation

Babatunde Oluwafemi Sunny answered 4 months ago

It’s a lie. First day is 300aed then other subsequent days is 100aed

Ybur Tonglinga answered 4 months ago

It’s confusing now which one is really true.100, 300 guys please take note i am cancelled visa..not visit how much really the penalty for first day

Budong Sison answered 4 months ago

Im been overstay also last week. I asked the local guy in the airport how much per day he said 25 per day on the first day.100.if u are cancel from the company but if you are you are tourist visa 300 first day.100 per day.

Maaz Kaskar answered 4 months ago

I can give you same days 30 & 90 days visit visa…. No need to go Oman only can stay in Sharjah airport. 055 82 76 997 watsup also  Maaz from ABA tourism Duba

Maaz Kaskar answered 4 months ago

1st day 100 aed after than 25 aed per days…
If your before visa also visit visa.. Than 1st days 300 Aed after than every day 100 aed

Krishna Paudel answered 4 months ago

Canceled visa is first day 300 and par day  but there is case every single person have different charge better you have to go and face it as soon as possible as u can.

Md lama answered 3 months ago

Hello everyone..
I got a question ..
I m here for seven month with unlimited employe visa, now my company is down so they want to us terminate coz of rationalization of company. In this case what we get excatly from company..ticket, gratuity, etc in final settlement according to labour law?
Thanks guys hope you will help me.

Admin answered 3 months ago

@Md lama Please start a new thread by asking your question here

Jaisal answered 3 months ago

Hi All,
first day 100 AED and each day 25 AED for over stay on employment visa.
first day 300 AED and each day 100 AED for over staying in a tourist visa.
we do provide same day visa change and no need to exit the country.
please Watsapp 00971504526462

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